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The largest selection of jewelry in Switzerland. Whether a piercing ring, a necklace, a gift for your loved one, Stechwerk has it! We advise you about the materials, the advantages & disadvantages without obligation on site. Don’t worry about it, ask your questions. We are here to help. Stechwerk welcomes all.


Stechwerk offer you a wide range of piercings. Among them piercings like common cartilage piercings ( Helix, Conch, Datih, Industrial & co. ) as well as nose piercings, lips like tongue as well as surface & dermal anchors. We are also trained and skilled for special piercings like a fourchette. For piercings you are at the right address!


Tattoo. That’s the simple way of putting it. A tattoo must be well thought out, because it can, not yet, simply wipe off again. To tattoo your desired tattoo, our hired tattoo artists are available to you on appointment. They advise you without obligation & free of charge.

Don’t worry, if you don’t like your tattoo anymore…we also offer affordable tattoo laser removals.



Our range of jewelry is the largest in Switzerland! We guarantee this. With us you will find jewelry to piercings as well as arm – / necklaces, hair colors, accessories and much more. Of course, we also carry a generous selection of 18 carat real gold jewelry as well as special jewelry such as e.g. Real Fresh-Waterpearls. A visit is worth Aufjedenfall!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You are beautiful!

We expand our assortment

New you will also find many different finger rings in several sizes.

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