Stechwerk stands for quality and a sensible approach to piercings. We pierce all piercings STERILE . This includes sterile gloves, disposable cannulas, sterile piercing jewelry ( which is suitable for first use ) and of course sterile instruments. This is strictly controlled and observed by every employee. Not enough yet…Stechwerk uses Sterile Disposable Markers to mark the piercing site.

Stechwerk offers you the highest quality at a fair price!

Piercings we always pierce spontaneously, without appointment and from 16 years.

Tattoo prices

Tattoo prices are dependent on many different factors, so they can not be generalized. Tattoos are done by our hired, independent tattoo artists from CHF 150.-.

in Basel & Lucerne already from CHF 99.-

If you already have a motif or an idea, write us, call us or stop by one of our stores. We are happy to advise you on your tattoo, without obligation & free of charge.

Here you can download our form “Piercing under 16 years” and have it filled out by a parent or guardian. Bring this form with you to your piercing visit.